We bring your OpenCart webshop experience to a higher level!

Razzi provides you with a set of OpenCart Modules to smoothen shipment, payment, marketing,...

Kiala Shipment Module

Offer the ability to ship with Kiala! Fully configurable by store and country.

Bpost Shipment Module

Offer the ability to ship with Bpost! Fully configurable by store and country.

MondialRelay Shipment Module

Is under development ... Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed!

Sofort Payment Module

Receive self in real-time bank transfers and do no longer give a part of your income away.

PayPal Payment Module

Receive real-time PayPal payments on your webshop but lett the customer pay the cost.

Razzi support

Not able to manage something yourself within your OpenCart installation, hire Razzi.eu than for help.

Package Deal Payment Modules

Buy all payment modules from Razzi at one and get a nice discount.




We want to help people to provide a better customer experience to the customers on their webshop and smoothen the interaction to close more sales.

We are a small company located in the heart of Europe, namely Izegem, Belgium. A little city, near the coast, well known for it's history in shoes and brushes. Like the town has a great history, so do we. More than 17 years history on the internet with webshops and blogs.

General questions  or  Support

Razzi ondersteund multi store

Multi Store Ready

One online shop is no shop at all! All our OpenCart modules are immediately developed with the Multi Store principle of OpenCart in mind. And in such a way that you can offer an unique user experience per shop to your customers. This by means of settings, simple and handy to understand.

Razzi bied altijd 100% ondersteuning

Full support

The Razzi team is always ready to help with any questions or issues you may have. Just send us an email and we will answer it within 24 hours. However, we recommend you to first take a look at our support pages contain a wealth of useful information. For a lot of questions you may find a quick solution there.

Razzi onderhoud zijn software perfect

Always Up-to-date

With Razzi we make our modules as much as possible version independent and based on basic OpenCart functionalities. This as well for OpenCart, vQmod, PHP and MySQL. Therefore there is no risk that an upgrade of OpenCart will cause the module not to be functioning properly. Should there be a version dependency, you will be able to download updates for free up to one year after purchase.

Onze klanten

Onze klanten zijn heel verscheiden in wat ze verkopen maar ze houden allemaal van OpenCart!


Latest News

Very nice results

Blog post figuur

First live run done on one of our live shops and the result is showing good. Emails were send very fast and good tracking information came out of the test.

Razzi Mail Management module

Blog post figuur

Working hard on our new module focused on the management of outgoing mails, that will make all our lives more easier. The stats on the e-mails send starting to look good!



"The Sofort payment module saves us so much time. We used to lose hours checking our bank account to see if someone had paid. Now this is not necessary anymore. We even don't offer the option to pay by bank transfer any more!"



"It's really a bummer that there is no OpenCart module for Kiala. So I was super excited to find out that Razzi developed this. I've purchased it immediately."


Jane Austin   CEO of some other Company