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Kiala Shipment Module

The first real Kiala OpenCart Shipment module for OpenCart focused on shipping cross-border and multi shop ready!
Kiala is a transport company that offers shipment services for sending and returning packages in delivery points as an alternative to home delivery. Since 06.23.2014 the offer has expanded so you can not just send the parcels within one country, but also to other countries. The countries to which Kiala now sents mutually are The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.
However, it should be noted that the prices to send a parcel within Kiala differ by country.
In OpenCart, the possibility to have a standard shippingmodule focused on sending packets via Kiala, with prices set by online store and country, was not yet present.

Kiala OpenCart module:

The "Kiala OpenCart Shipment module" is specially designed for OpenCart. Through this Open Cart module it is possible per store to set at what the price a package is send with Kiala. This on the basis of flexible settings for each country, shop and price. The customer will, at moment of payment, be given the choice to ship items via Kiala and can select the Kiala collection point via a handy popup. 

Features module:


Administration module

With the example below, we want to show in a simple manner, the powerful and simple way you can adjust the Kiala OpenCart Shipment module.
You're an online seller, with your head office and warehouse located in Belgium (so 21% VAT). You have three online stores within the same OpenCart installation. One (A) sents its packets of from a dropshipper in the Netherlands, only to the Netherlands and Belgium, and one store (B) sent packets from your central warehouse in Belgium and the other (C) offers services like selling OpenCart modules. The dropshipper also only supplies Kiala services in the Netherlands.
  Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands France Spain
Costs BE Kiala €3,719 €3,719 €6,198 €8,264 €11,570
Costs NL Kiala €6,198 €6,198 €3,264 €8,264 €11,570
This is what you add to the Kiala Shipment module
Status: Store name: Tax group: Geo Zone: * Costs: Sort order:
Enabled A Taxable Goods BE Zone €6,198 1
Enabled A Taxable Goods NL Zone €3,264 1
Enabled B Taxable Goods BE Zone €3,719 1
Enabled B Taxable Goods NL Zone €6,198 1
Enabled B Taxable Goods LU Zone €3,719 1
Enabled B Taxable Goods FR Zone €8,264 1
Enabled B Taxable Goods ES Zone €11,570 1
If you do not add a line for the 3rd shop dispatch with Kiala will simply not be offered.

The configuration of the Kiala Shipment module will look like this:

Voorbeeld van de configuratie pagina

The information about the selected Kiala point can be found in the ordering information:

Voorbeeld van een bestelling

User interface

When placing his order the client is asked during the order handling process about his choice of sending. He will then see the following line.

Kiala selectie knop

After the option is a button "select you're Kiala point here". By clicking on it a popup appears that brings the customer in the possibility to select his preferred Kiala point.

Kiala selectie popup

After selecting the Kiala point, the data is acquired into the comment field and is transfered to the final ordering information.

Kialapunt informatie bij een bestelling

Major update v0.13 (23/11/2014)

With v0.13 you get access to a number of important new features.



For the installation no knowledge of PHP, SQL, OpenCart or VQMOD is required. Just activate the module within OpenCart and it is live.
VQMOD is not used.
The Kiala Shipment module does not dependent on a particular version of OpenCart.


All labels, texts, ... immediately come along in the languages Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German.
Other languages can be added easily on demand.


At Razzi we are always there for you with any problems or questions regarding installation, use, ... You can always contact us for support. Bugs are solved for free. Changes can be done for free if they add value to the module. However, we do not guarantee a response on general questions about the use of OpenCart.

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