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Bpost Shipment Module

Bpost is one of the oldest and largest postal companies of Belgium. Within their offer they have an extensive range of services. Where they used to just do the picking up and bringing in letters and parcels through their post offices or through their own people, they have just as Kiala, expanded there services with postpoints and parcel machines. The post points can be both supermarkets as local newsagents.
The wide range of bpost consists of the following services: bpack World Express, bpack World, bpack 24/7 (the packet machines), bpack @ bpost and bpack @ home.
Bpost has for some time now developed a number of plugins to integrate their bpack Shipping Manager in a large number of open source e-commerce platforms. However, for OpenCart they have not done this integration or are not willingly to do so. On the basis of the API provided by Bpost Razzi.eu has developed a module. This module allows the customer to easily choose what option he would like to see used for the delivery of his order.

bpost shipment module:

The "Bpost OpenCart Shipment Module" has been specially developed for the OpenCart platform. The Bpost OpenCart Shipment module provides your end customers, without having to leave your shop, the ability to choose any delivery method of bpost: Bpack @ Home, the default home delivery; Bpack @ bpost delivery in a post office or Postal Bpack 24/7, the automatic packet machines of bpost.

Through this OpenCart module it is possible per store to define a price at which to send a packet with bpost. This by means of flexible adjustment possibilities at the level of send method, store and price. The customer will, at moment of payment, given the choice to have sent his package by bpost and by what method, and can provide via a convenient pop all information requests by bpost.

Features module:



We want to use the following example to demonstrate the powerful and easy adjustability of the Bpost OpenCart Shipment module.
You are an online seller, with three online stores within the same OpenCart installation. However, the physical location of the assets of both stores is not the same, sending goods from store B can not by the use of bpack 24/7 (collies are too large in volume) and store C is offering exclusively services like selling OpenCart modules.
  bpack 24/7 bpack@bpost bpack@home
incl BTW € 4,00 € 4,00 € 5,00
excl 21% BTW € 3,3058 € 3,3058 € 4,1322

Prices from www.bpost.be/pakjesversturen on 12/11/2014.
What do you add the to the module:
Status: Store name: Tax group: Method: * Costs: Sort order:
Enabled A Taxable Goods bpack 24/7 € 3,3058 1
Enabled A Taxable Goods bpack@bpost € 3,3058 2
Enabled A Taxable Goods bpack@home € 4,1322 3
Enabled B Taxable Goods bpack@bpost € 3,3058 1
Enabled B Taxable Goods bpack@home € 4,1322 2
If you do not add line for the 3rd shop shipping by bpost will simply not offered.

The configuration of the Bpost Shipment module looks like this:

The information about the selected Bpost point can be found in the ordering information:


User interface

When placing his order, the client is asked during the order handling process about his choice of sending. He will then see the following line(s).


After the option is a button "select you're Bpost point here". By clicking on it a popup appears that brings the customer in the possibility to select his preferred Bpost point.


After selecting the Bpost point, the data is acquired into the comment field and is transfered to the final ordering information.



For the installation no knowledge of PHP, SQL, OpenCart or VQMOD is required. Just activate the module within OpenCart and it is live.
VQMOD is not used.
The Kiala Shipment module does not dependent on a particular version of OpenCart.


All labels, texts, ... immediately come along in the languages Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German.
Other languages can be added easily on demand.


At Razzi we are always there for you with any problems or questions regarding installation, use, ... You can always contact us for support. Bugs are solved for free. Changes can be done for free if they add value to the module. However, we do not guarantee a response on general questions about the use of OpenCart.

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